Tom Brady Diet

22 Nisan 2019 Alperen Özdemir 0

Tom Brady, one of the famous American football players, explained how to feed, and recently published a book called The TB12 method, became an eye candy for those who wanted to make a diet. Tom Brady shared the secrets of staying healthy and maintaining his performance despite his age of -Read More

Clean Nutrition Diet

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This diet method is basically a program consisting of natural and unprocessed foods. Clean nutrition is not the amount of food is a program focused on the quality of food. He’s got a lot more details. For example, you will only eat food that is cooked at home, you will -Read More

Gluten-Free Diet

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Today, gluten-free diet, especially weakened, more healthy diet, some people who want to reduce the risk of future diseases are seen as a feeding stream. If you have celiac or gluten sensitivity, but you do not experience any sensitivity, gluten-free diet will not benefit an extra. Gluten is a naturally -Read More

Avocado Diet

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Avocado is a food which is very rich of fatty acids omega 9 and weight loss is known to accelerate fat burning and your metabolism. But the problem is that, in line with brand-new consumer demands, especially Spanish farmers, began to produce 30% reduced avocado oil, and it was called -Read More

Military Diet

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This diet is called an army diet. The goal is: 3-Day military diet and calorie restriction is carried out and those who Diet 3 meals a day, a very small portion of a menu of low-calorie diet. The goal is to get a total of 3700 calories in 3 days! -Read More

Ketojenik Diet

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The basis of the ketogenic diet is based on limiting carbohydrates significantly and increasing the consumption of fat and protein. So the body has to burn fat to provide energy. What he’s arguing is: 75% fat, 20% protein, and only 5% carbohydrates!It’s also proven that the body burns fat in -Read More

Paleo Diet

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This is a diet plan that focuses on eating less or less processed foods. He argues that we should be fed as our ancestors lived 10,000 years ago. This diet system promises to be able to lose weight without restricting calories with high protein and high fiber content. It is -Read More

Apple Cider Vinegar Diet

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It is claimed that you can give up to 8 kilograms per month thanks to the cure prepared by mixing apple vinegar and honey in warm water and the websites praise the apple vinegar diet even today from arthritis to obesity, from acne to colds. A mixture of apple cider -Read More

Yogurt and Parsley Treatment

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Today we will share the two most effective curing recipes that burn fat. With yoghurt cure and parsley cure recipes known as quick fat burning cure recipe, you can quickly get rid of excess fat and lose weight in a healthy way. Our recipes also have a contributing effect on -Read More